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Army Maj Gen in the dock in electronic warfare equipment scam

PTI 30 Aug 2012, 14:09:27 PM IST
New Delhi, Aug 30: Major irregularities and siphoning off of funds have come to light in the purchase of electronic warfare equipment worth Rs 80 crore for the crucial Northern Command that covers Kashmir.

A Major General of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) is in the dock in the Court of Inquiry, presided over by a Lieutenant General.

The Major General was attached to the Udhampur-based Northern Command earlier this month.  The senior ranking officer has been divested of all operational responsibilities pending completion of the Court of Inquiry.

A newspaper report quoting sources said, the deal for electronic warfare and other sensitive equipment was signed last year and the Army carried out a preliminary probe when allegations of misappropriation by way of submitting fake bills came to light some months later.

Finding substance in the allegations, the Army then ordered a formal Court of Inquiry in May this year against a Colonel.

He, however, denied the allegations and pointed fingers at his Major General, who was the Master General (overall chief) of the Northern Command EME.

Officials said the officers were not able to explain expenditure of nearly Rs 30 crore out of the Rs 80 crore deal.

Sensing the seriousness of the charges, the Army ordered another Court of Inquiry after allegations surfaced against the Major General.

The latest scam involving senior officers comes in the backdrop of cases like Adarsh Housing Society scam in Mumbai, Sukna land scam and allotment of defence land to builders in Pune.  All these cases involved officers of the rank of Lt Generals.

A former Military Secretary was also divested of his rank in the Sukna land scam.
Besides these high profile cases, two Lieutenant Generals, now retired, were prima facie found guilty of misappropriation of funds in procurement of rations including dal and mutton for troops.