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Artist bats for women entrepreneurship at Trade Fair

PTI 23 Nov 2014, 11:47:07 AM IST

New Delhi: The ongoing India International Trade Fair has provided platforms for upcoming artists to showcase their talents in field of art and craft.  “I am showcasing my artworks at the ‘Job for Women' pavilion with other fellow artists. We are trying to promote art and crafts as a profitable enterprise for women which not only allows them to showcase their talents but also help you a earn,” says Shan Pritpal Singh, an artist.  The theme of the fair, which has participation from 25 countries is ‘Women Entrepreneurs', to help organisations integrate women welfare programmes in different parts of the country.

Organisations like Hammerarttag.com which Singh is a part of helps women to showcase, sell as well as rent out their art or craft-works to various institutions across India.  “I would encourage upcoming artists to interact with galleries personally and always look for local contacts or galleries in your area to showcase your work. One can also get associated with organizations like Hammerartag.com which help you to financially establish yourself by selling or renting out your work,” says Singh.

Singh along with other women artists are showcasing their art and craft works to showcase that that arts and crafts can also be a profitable enterprise.

“I have on display four of my original works which are acrylic on paper that mostly depicts landscapes, nature, temples and few prints. I have also painted and designed coasters, T-shirts, greeting cards which are attracting young crowds at the fair,” says Singh Singh says artists and art enthusiasts should work together.

“The art industry can be big and generate good revenue for the country. There are a variety of craft works which artists like me want to mass produce like paintings on furniture or household items or miniature painting on match boxes and other niche artifacts. Sadly, there are very few people who are willing to mass produce such pieces,” says Singh.  Urging the government to look into the plight of struggling and upcoming artists, Singh highlights that subsidized rates at galleries, government art galleries will be beneficial for not only urban artists also rural artists based in the country.

“Private galleries charge a hefty sum which is not affordable by all. If the government could help subsidise the rates and open more national galleries where it would be easier to showcase works of upcoming artists,” says Singh.