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Baby Dies After Docs Cut His Arm, Then Ignore Him

PTI 23 Jan 2010, 22:11:26 IST

A three-day-old baby boy has died in an Udaipur hospital on Saturday , allegedly as a result of gross medical negligence.

Doctors delivering a baby boy at the government-run Pannadhay Hospital accidentally cut his right arm during the C-section on Wednesday.

When the doctors realized their mistake, they bandaged the baby's arm, and sent him to the nursery. However, they did not inform the parents of their child's injury.

A grief-stricken father said, "When we unwrapped him, we found that a part of his right hand was cut. The doctor said that the baby's hand got cut while operating him with a blade."

In the hospital's nursery, the baby kept bleeding. Doctors told the parents there was nothing to worry about. He died on Friday night.

The government has ordered a medical inquiry that will be handled by a committee of doctors.

Dr Kamlesh Punjabi, speaking on behalf of the hospital, denies allegations of negligence. "The baby was premature, seven months old. The baby was taken out after operation. Incidence of fractures are common in such deliveries," she says.