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Shocking: Bangalore boy thrashed, forced to clean toilets at government home

India TV News Desk 22 Aug 2014, 17:19:54 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Bangalore: In a shocking incident reported from a government shelter home in Bangalore, a 13-year-old boy was brutally thrashed with a rod in the shelter.

The boy was allegedly taken to the shelter home mistakenly, thinking that he might be an orphan.

The boy was then allegedly assaulted in the shelter home. He also claims that he was made to walk on his knees for one kilometre.

He is at a hospital being treated for wounds on his arms and on his knees, which were badly scraped when he was made to crawl through a corridor.

His mother says he went missing on Tuesday after school but he was never given a chance to explain that he had a family and was not homeless.

The boy shared his horrific experience: "They made me walk for 1 km on my knees. They made me clean toilets and kitchen," the boy said.

When the boy's mother got to know of the incident, she filed a complaint. "Who beats a child like this? They should definitely be punished. A child is god's blessing," his mother said.

"He hasn't been able to eat for two days, he is in so much pain," she added.

The boy says he was at a bus stop after school when three men accosted him and took him to an NGO for runaway and homeless children.

From there he was taken to a government-run home, where he allegedly suffered various forms of punishment at the hands of the man in charge, Ramesh.

The police are investigating the case.