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Minor maid beaten brutally by her employee couple in Bangalore

India TV News Desk 09 Aug 2014, 22:41:54 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: While the metropolitan cities of our country are famous for their job opportunities and living standards, there is another face of the coin as well.

In a recent incident in Bangalore, a 13 year old maid was brutally beaten up by her employee couple.

The victim came from Darjeeling to earn a loving along with Nafeesa Todi who hired her as a house help.

Todi couple took the victim to the Nimhans Hospital in an unconscious state and told the doctor that she just swooned.

Although, by the initial checkup the doctors found that the girl was beaten up brutally as a result she swooned and asked the couple to take her to a private hospital as the emergency ward was full

Later the couple took the girl to a private hospital, where after the initial examination doctor inquired about the reasons for girl's condition; the couple flew from the scene leaving the girl in the hospital.

However the hospital authorities reported the matter immediately to the police, who has filed arrested the Todi couple under IPC section 362.

According to the police investigation, the Todi couple used to harass the girl and also used to beat her on lame and false excuses. Many injuries were also found on the girl's body along with an injury on her head which resulted in her unconsciousness.

However, the girl's condition is stable now and the police will soon record her statement.