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Bangalore along with 11 other cities to be known by their old names

India TV News Desk 01 Nov 2014, 12:03:03 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Bangalore: On Karnataka Formation Day, the state capital along with 11 other cities and towns are going to get back their old names. This is happening after almost a decade when Kannada writer UR Ananthamurthy's had proposed that the IT city's name be officially changed from the anglicized Bangalore to the Kannada-accented Bengaluru.

As per a  blogger Tinu Cherian Abraham's comment to a channel, "I see a lot of buzz. People talking about it, people taking opposite sides of it. But at the end of the day, it's just a name. What's in a name? We are all Bangalore-d."

Moreover, Aporup Acharya, a stand-up comic, told a channel, "If it's like these North Indians, they'll continue to say Banglaaaur. Malayalees will continue to say 'njan Banglooril poyi'. Anglo Indians and the Cantonment type people will keep saying 'Bangalore'or 'Bangy'."

Bangalore along with 11 other cities in Karnataka will now be called by new names which includes Mysore which will become Mysuru, Mangalore will be Mangaluru and Shimoga will be Shivamoga.

People may call it Bangalore or Bengaluru as they wish to call it but the change of the city's name is only a change of spelling as the spirit of the city will remain the same.