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Barbaric Cops Drive Over Man For 100 Bribe

Corrupt Ghaziabad cops thrashed a businessman on Monday morning, and ran the police jeep over him after he refused to pay a bribe of Rs 100, reports Mail Today. The policemen nearly killed the man
PTI September 08, 2010 12:15 IST
Corrupt Ghaziabad cops thrashed a businessman on Monday morning, and ran the police jeep over him after he refused to pay a bribe of Rs 100, reports Mail Today.

The policemen nearly killed the man in a brutal attack when they drove their police jeep over him after an alleged dispute over a Rs 100 bribe.

32-year-old Siddhu Yadav who was driving a truck from Varanasi was stopped by the three policemen. He survived the assault but is grievously injured.

Dr Deepak Agarwal, in charge of the intensive care unit ( ICU) at the government MMG hospital where Siddhu was first admitted, said the injured man will take many months to recover.

“ The patient is in serious condition. He has multiple fractures on his legs and arm. He will be bedridden for several months, maybe even a year,” Dr Agarwal said of the father of four young daughters aged between four and nine- years- old.

Siddhu was waved down by the three policemen as he passed through a narrow, secluded lane in the Kavi Nagar industrial area around 9.30 am.

This was near Green Valley Farms, adjacent to G. T. Road in Kavi Nagar.

The barbaric policemen have been identified as constables Parvinder Kumar and Farman Ali and Home Guard Vinod Kumar. The men reportedly asked for a bribe.

Details of the exchange are unclear but the truck driver pleaded his inability to grease their palms.

This provided the trigger for a crazed attack on the driver by the policemen as the situation spun out of control.

One of the three policemen caught Siddhu by the collar, pulled him from the driver's seat and flung him to the ground. The three policemen then thrashed the hapless driver, even as he begged for mercy. Then, blinded by greed, the policemen drove the police control room jeep over Siddhu, crushing him under its wheels.

Siddhu's brother Ramnath Yadav, who was on the truck when the incident occurred, said the injured driver was dragged for over 50 feet. There was no one to help. The corrupt cops had chosen their spot away from traffic.

Ramnath said afterwards that he cowered in fright as he watched the horror unfold before his eyes. He was too scared to shout for help. The gravity of their crime dawned on the reckless cops as soon as they saw Siddhu lying unconscious in a pool of blood.

They loaded him in the rear of the jeep, drove down to the MMG hospital nearly three kilometres away where they dumped him and sped off. That was when Ramnath saw his chance and raced to the Kavi Nagar police to inform them about the incident.

“ We have arrested Parvinder Kumar and Farman Ali. Vinod fled from the spot and he is absconding,” said Raghubir Lal, superintendent of police.

A case of attempt to murder and corruption was registered against the three policemen.

But that was hardly a comfort for Siddhu's angry relatives, who sat outside the ICU of Shivam hospital where he was shifted later. They said that the truck driver was mercilessly attacked by the policemen for no fault of his.

Ramnath claimed his brother had not challenged the three men but had told them he only had a ` 500 banknote and could not pay ` 100 out of that.

Raj Kumar Yadav, Siddhu's cousin, said the victim had agreed to pay the bribe money.

“ He told the policemen that he would give them ` 100 afterwards.

But, the policemen started abusing him and manhandled him,” said Raj Kumar.

Another relative, Ravindra Nath said rogue cops were still trying to browbeat the family despite the fact that the three men had been booked for attempted murder.

He alleged that a sub- inspector named Jyoti Kumar met him at the hospital and told him to reach a compromise.

“ He said he would give us whisky and ` 25,000 whatever else we demanded. I told him we didn't need the money,” Ravindra Nath said.

Siddhu belongs to Lehrupur village under Sarnath police station area of Varanasi. Siddhu was paid a meagre salary of ` 1,000 per month apart from expenses for each trip.

“ We are given just ` 200 to ` 250 for each trip to Ghaziabad for our food. But, the police demand ` 500. We don't know from where to pay them,” said Ravindra, also a driver.