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Barood Ki Delivery Ka Kya Hua, Hathras Man Hears Phone Talk

PTI 12 Dec 2010, 14:38:00 IST
Aligarh, Dec 12 : Mudit Kumar Jain, a  resident of Sikandara Rau near Hathras, got a call from a Reliance number on December 7 early morning, with a man talking to another. It was a cross-connection.

The conversation went like this: “Barud ki delivery ka kya hua.. dhamaka kab karma hai .. taiyari puri hai ki nahi.. yedi aise hi dhil dete rahenge to baat kaise banegi…”

Mudit rushed to the Hathras police station and informed the matter to police in writing. He also gave the phone number from which the call was made and his own phone number.

As usual, the Hathras police on December 7 took it lightly. They merely asked him to give the complaint in writing, the munshi at the police station stamped it of having received and the matter ended there, until the blast the same evening in Varanasi.

 Mudit had received the call on his number (9027564434) at 3.15 am from this number (9027230204).

The UP police is now investigating the matter to find out whether it was a prank on Mudit's part  or an innocent conversation between two persons or were two terrorists really talking to each other. They are checking up the Reliance phone call records.

SSP D N Verma says this matter was not brought to his notice, while SP Chandra Prakash ssays the matter is serious and the call number is being traced. He said, action will be taken against those found guilty of negligence.