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Bedi And Co. Playing With Hazare's Life: Thackeray

PTI 26 Aug 2011, 20:44:14 IST

Mumbai, Aug 26: The Shiv Sena today accused Team Anna members of “playing” with the life of the Gandhian for their vested interests and asked them to sit on fast instead. 

“(Kiran) Bedi and others have personal disputes with the government, and for these disputes, these people are playing with Hazare's life,” Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said in the editorial of the party mouthpiece ‘Saamana'. 

“Though, Bedi was in the police department for a long time, no government made her the Delhi police commissioner.  One should go into the reasons for this,” the editorial said. 

“Let (Arvind) Kejriwal, Bedi, (Manish) Sisodiya fast for next 10-12 days, let their bodies feel the brunt of the fast.  If these people are going to have meals twice a day and snacks four times a day and still continue with their anti-corruption stir, it is a betrayal of Hazare,” the Sena chief said. 

Thackeray had recently written to Hazare, appealing him to end his fast for the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Thackeray's grandson Aditya met Hazare in Delhi and conveyed the support of the “whole Shiv Sena family” for his cause. PTI