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Bengaluru colleges trying to snoop on girl students?

India TV News Desk 10 Nov 2014, 13:37:47 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Bengaluru: The girl students of Bengaluru have been asked to inform the college where, when and with whom they are interacting. And all this is being done ostensibly for their safety. They even need to inform when they are leaving their home, when they arrive at college; till the time they return back to their home.

For the safety of the girls, the measure -ostensibly in response to the increasing cases of sexual violence against women and young girls -is among the 34-point guideline which is issued by the PU education department, Bangalore safety, for the student's safety.

The guidelines have been sent to 325 government and private colleges which was drafted by the Union of PU College Principals as well as the guidelines were launched by the assistant director of  PU education department, Bangalore South, on Tuesday.

The guideline includes, ban of cellphones on campus, they want girls to keep their colleges in the loop over their whereabouts. Obviously, the the college administration wants to monitor their activities - whom they meet, when and where with parents' permission.

“If students bunk classes, it must be brought to the notice of their parents. Some girls take coffee breaks with boys. This is fine once or twice, but certainly not when it's regular. If classes get over at 4pm, then students must reach home in an hour. In some cases, students hang around all kinds of places, while we believe they've gone home, and parents think their wards are still attending special classes,” KR Manjunath, secretary , PU College Principals' Association told a newspaper.