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Bihar Kosi floods: No change in flow of water, more than 400,000 face risk of flooding

India TV News Desk 04 Aug 2014, 10:01:57 AM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: More than 400,000 people in Bihar face the risk of flooding after a landslide that killed at least nine people in neighbouring Nepal, a government official said on Sunday, as thousands were being evacuated.

The landslide triggered by heavy rains has left scores of people missing and has created a mud dam blocking the Sunkoshi river, which runs into Bihar as the Kosi river.

Chief Secretary of Bihar has apprised the top Central government officials about the latest ground situation that evolved after creation of an artificial dam on river Kosi following a landslide in Nepal that triggered possibility of floods in the state.

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"There is no significant change in flow of water in Kosi river during the day. Situation is being monitored regularly.
Technical inputs are being shared by central agencies with Bihar government and Nepal," a Home Ministry official said.

Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth, who is closely monitoring the situation, chaired three emergency meetings of National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) while an assessment team comprising experts from different fields is in Nepal to oversee the situation.

"Evacuation of people by state government continues and the central government is providing all technical and logistical support for the rescue and relief operations," the official said.

The Centre is also rushing in essential supplies, relief teams and other assistance to Biharto deal with Kosi flood situation and put on standby several aircraft to deal with any emergency.