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BJP Stalling Parliament Under A 'Conspiracy': Shukla

PTI 10 Aug 2011, 17:15:30 IST

New Delhi, Aug 10:  Accusing the BJP of acting under a “conspiracy” to stall Parliament proceedings, Government today said that failure to clear crucial bills may adversely impact the economy and the people.

“If the bills related to economic reforms are not cleared, country's economy may go down. This will have an adverse impact on the people,” Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla told reporters here.  “It is BJP's conspiracy that these bills should not be passed and then they can say that the government is not able to do anything,” he alleged.

Terming the frequent disruptions in Parliament as “unfortunate”, he said this was happening despite the government conceding all the demands of the opposition and agreeing for discussion on all issues.

“But it seems that they are not interested in the functioning of Parliament. So many important bills which are directly related to the interest of the public are pending,” Shukla said.

He said there were three important financial bills awaiting clearance from the Standing Commitees and efforts were on to introduce them in the House at the earliest. 

“We have immediately conceded to all the demands and agreed to hold discussions on all the issues they have raised.  This is unfortunate that this is happening despite accepting all the demands of the main opposition party.

“Today the whole world is facing an economic crisis but India has saved itself from it. If these bills related to the economic reforms are not cleared, country'seconomy may go down. This will have its adverse impact on the people.... The people should know this conspiracy of the BJP,” Shukla said. PTI