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Blast Injured Admitted To Several Varanasi Hospitals

PTI 07 Dec 2010, 22:40:02 IST
Varanasi, Dec 7: Most of the people who were injured in the Varanasi blast this evening have been admitted  to Marwari hospital and Kabir Chaura hospital here.
A red alert has been issued in all four metros Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai after the Varanasi blast. Security forces in Bangalore and Hyderabad have also been put on high alert.
There was  series of bombings that occurred across the holy city of Varanasi March 7, 2006.  At least 28 people died and as many as 101 others were injured in the 2006 blasts.

Nearly 15 to 20 persons were injured in the stampede that followed after the blast.
Policemen had a hard time in restoring order at the blast site.

An Improvised Explosive Device(IED) was recovered from a dustbin at the Varanasi blast site, official sources said.

Uttar Pradesh minister Swami Prasad Maurya, the state chief secretary and Director General of Police Karamaveer Singh have left for Varanasi to take stock of the situation.

A Home Ministry official in Delhi said that the blast was of low intensity, and only 4 to 5 persons were directly hit.

A 52-year-old Italian national Monterley and a 26-year-old French national Rocquel have been admitted to Benares Hindu University hospital after the blast.
A railing collapsed in the stampede that followed the blast constributing to the injuries.

The e-mail ID used were from gmail and internet connection used was Airtel broadband. The mail was written yesterday and the account has been accessed rarely, police sources said. PTI