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Briton Held In Pushkar For Carrying Satphone Twitters In Custody

PTI 14 Jan 2010, 10:56:18 IST

Andy Pag, the Briton held by police in Rajasthan's tourist town Pushkar, for carrying a satphone, merrily twittered away on his laptop while in police custody, reports India TV Jaipur correspondent Sangeeta Pranavendra.

Custody rules say the man's laptop and satphone have to be confiscated as soon as he is taken to custody, but Pushkar police obviously was looking the other way.

Andy Pag contacted his mother and friends on Twitter. In one post, Andy was found asking for a number and urging friends not to call on his cellphone.

India prohibits bringing satellite phones, but Andy was found to have brought it via Wagah border from Pakistan.

Police in Pushkar and  Ajmer have been put on high alert after this arrest. It may be noted Headley and Tahawwur Rana had visited this place prior to 26/11 attacks.

Here we are providing the Twitter link for Andy Pag, and also portions of his conversations.

• "Lawyer costs 500 euros. Thats before i get fined by the court. Worse, i could be facing up to 3 years.

• Delhi Conversation  Another blog update. 
• The man from italian embassy is on his way. I'm saved, but the nights accommodation doesnt look too hot. Concrete floor and roach risk.

• Held under section 70 of information technology act, 4/20 of telegraph act, 3/6 of wireless act. They all carry prison time!
• Held under section 70 of information technology act, 4/20 of telegraph act, 3/6 of wireless act. They carry custodial sentences!
• They are about to confiscate my mobile and take me to court. The shame of it! 1st offence. Just hope its not custodial.
• Mum. Call the british embassy and tell them to call the super intendant at ajmer police station where i'm going to be charged.
• Looks like they are preparing a charge sheet. Holy crap. I'm going down for this one!
• These guys are being very kind, trying to find a loop hole to get me off the hook. Excuse the pun.
• Italian embassy alerted. More of the same questions, morning slipping into afternoon. Still being held for questioning. No formal charge ...
• I am being questioned like The Stranger by Camus. Everything points to me being a terrorist.
• Can someone text me the number for the italian embassy. Number on the website. Dont use the sat phone number!
• 20 cops sacred to take a decision without permission from above. Phone calls to the top will take forever. Apparently anti terrorist branch were tracking the phone and sent local cops to intercept me. Gulp!
• Looks like its going to take all day to figure out if i'm allowed to keep the phone. Journalists swarming outside. This is getting out o ...
• Released until morning. I will be interviewed again then by CID. More of my life used in pursuit of helping forces of law & disorder.
• Took them 10 officers to bring me in. Quiet night elsewhere in Pushkar Just been woken up and arrested for having a sat phone! Being taken to the station now