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Cabbies to hold protest-rally tomorrow

PTI 17 Aug 2014, 22:16:03 PM IST
Kolkata: Several taxi unions in the city will hold a rally tomorrow to protest against state transport minister Madan Mitra's threat to challenge bail granted to some taxi drivers in a city court and his use of tough language against them in the media for their agitation.

“The minister threatened to challenge before the Calcutta High Court bail granted to 22 taxi drivers by a city court. Almost all the unions will hold a rally to protest against this,” INTUC leader Ramen Pandey, who represents a section of the city's taxi drivers, told PTI today.

“Mitra had promised of an amicable solution to the taxi drivers' demands at a meeting with the unions last week but has been talking tough later on in the media,” Pandey claimed.

Asked whether taxis would go off the roads tomorrow in addition to the rally, Pandey said that they did not want the people to suffer and there would not be any such flash strikes which affected the citizens thrice this month.

The cabbies went on a day's strike on August 7 demanding a halt to alleged police harassment and withdrawal of imposition of penalty of Rs 3,000 on cabbies for refusing passengers.

Twenty-two drivers were arrested during the protest and taxis went off the roads for two days since Monday last with cabbies demanding their unconditional release.