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CCTV Footage Of Meerut Robbers Trying To Break Open SBI ATM

PTI 15 Dec 2010, 9:04:27 IST
Meerut, Dec 15: Meerut Police has got hold of this CCTV footage of two robbers unsuccessfully trying to break open an ATM of State Bank of India at the dead of night on December 10 at 1:17:43 am, reports India TV correspondent Hima Agrawal.
First, a thief wearing a cream coloured sweater enters the booth, tries to hide his face, takes out a card and consults his cellphone.

Another thief, wearing a blue coloured sweater enters the booth  and both try to figure out how to break open the ATM.
The cream sweater wearing thief tries to break open the machine, as the blue coloured one goes out of the booth at least ten times to check if any body was approaching.
The two take out a big screw driver and sharpen it outside the ATM booth.

It looked like the cream sweater wearing thief was drunk, while the blue one was  the mastermind.
After spending a frustrating 32 minutes at the ATM, they exited at 1:49:14 am in a motorbike.
The ATM is located right next to a police outpost and on a thoroughfare where there is traffic even at night.
SP City Meerut  Prabal Pratap Singh says the two will be nabbed soon.