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Chennai: Dog waits for master's return at grave

India TV News Desk 26 Aug 2014, 12:52:16 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Chennai: Sending a strong message of undying loyalty, a dog in Chennai stayed almost for a fortnight near the grave of his master waiting for his miraculous return.

The place where the brown mongrel can be seen sitting in the picture, is exactly the same site where his 18-year-old master, Bhaskar, was buried on August 2 after he died in a road accident.

The brown mongrel got up only when Bhaskar's mother persuaded it.

The entire incident came in to limelight after Blue Cross of India, an organization that aims to alleviate the suffering of animals, noticed the dog's unusual behavior.

Bhaskar's mother, a widow, said that his son had adopted this brown mongrel five years ago.

According to her, after Bhaskar's demise, the tommy had disappeared.

The dog, however, had accompanied the team to the grave, she said.

Bhaskar's mother said that her life had become meaningless after the sudden loss of her only son but now the pet has given her reason to live.

Image courtesy: TOI