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Chicken prices up 30% as heat wave kills 2.4 crore birds in India

PTI 01 Jun 2015, 22:09:32 IST

New Delhi: Chicken prices have jumped by up to 30 per cent as the ongoing heat wave killed about 2.4 crore birds in last fortnight and rates may further move upwards if temperature continues to remain high, poultry farm owners and industry have said.

The poultry industry is estimated to have incurred over Rs 100 crore loss this summer because of the death of birds, while many farms have shut operations as the business became unviable, Poultry Federation of India said.

"The death of birds have led to a rise of up to 30% in broiler prices to about Rs 100 per kg at present as against Rs 70-80 per kg a fortnight ago," Poultry Federation of India chairman Jagbir Singh Dhull told PTI. Normally, mortality rate of birds is around 2-3% but this summer it has gone up to 7-8%.

As a result of this, in the last fortnight, only the wholesale prices of broiler have jumped, Poultry Federation of India Convener Ricky Thaper said.

Thaper added that many farms have shut operations which resulted in supply crunch and in coming days if temperature continues to remain high, prices can further go upwards.

There are about 24 crore birds in the country.

According to various industry experts, about 10% birds have died in the last fortnight or so.

"According to various industry estimates around 10% birds in the country have died, which totals to about 2.4 crore birds," Venky's Deputy General Manager Prasanna Pedgaonkar said.

Pedgaonkar added that most of the birds have died in the southern and western states as they together have about 55% of the country's total birds population.

Normally, it takes about 30 days for a bird to become broiler of 1,200 grams which can be served as chicken.