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China demands removal of Indian bunkers from Sikkim-Bhutan border

PTI 12 Aug 2012, 14:11:15 IST
New Delhi, Aug 12 : China has demanded removal of Indian army bunkers located at the trijunction of India-Bhutan-China borders, India has rejected the demand, sources said.

China has also demanded access to the Fingerpoint area at the northernmost point of Sikkim for its soldiers. This demand, too, has been rejected by India, sources said.

Of late, China has been flexing its military muscle right at India's doorstep for quite sometime now. And, it is getting more aggressive.

According to Eurasia Review, China considers Bhutan  as one of five  fingers  of the palm, which is Tibet.

 China considers Tibet as the ‘palm consisting of five fingers policy' namely, Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh.

China has always been keen on  exercising its dominance  on ‘periphery countries' (zhoubian goujia). The peripheral policy forms the core of China's external strategy.

Chinese government has outlined its plan of extending the railway network from Lhasa to Zangmu on the Nepal border.

According to this blueprint, yet another line will branch out midway from the line at Shigatse. This line will move east and go up to Yadong, at the mouth of Chumbi Valley- strategically located at the tri –junction of India-China-Bhutan.

Bhutan has been a strong ally of India and has refrained from establishing relations with China.

It was concerned over the takeover of Tibet in 1950 and was anxious that its sovereignty would be compromised because of Chinese claims to Bhutan as part of a greater Tibet.

This had led to the closure of the Tibetan-Bhutanese border in the north.