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Clash Between Police And Youths At Ramlila Ground

PTI 27 Aug 2011, 9:11:12 IST

New Delhi, Aug 27 :  Security was tightened at the site of Anna Hazare's agitation following a clash between a group of youths and police early today.

A strong posse of police and CRPF personnel has been deployed at the VIP gate of Ramlila Maidan, where the incident occurred at around 3AM and a Delhi police videographer has been stationed there.

Volunteers drawn from the team of Hazare's supporters have been deployed at various places where protesters are camping, as the 74-year-old anti-corruption crusader's continued for the 11th day.

Additional barricades and lighting have been installed around the area where Hazare takes centre-stage everyday.
“Volunteers from Team Anna have been provided to us to be deployed at all entry gates of the ground. They are assisting policemen to check if people entering the ground are drunk or not,” a senior police official said.  Police personnel have been deployed for the first time in the isolated area where Hazare sits on the main dais.  CRPF and Delhi police personnel are standing at strategic points in the maidan.

“No policemen is armed even with a lathi. We have just increased the presence of ‘Khaki' on the ground which acts as a detterent to mischief mongers,” the officer said.  Earlier in the day, the Home Ministry had issued strict instructions to police to crackdown on rowdy elements. 

A student and an airline employee have been arrested in connection with the incident which occurred when a group of people who were allegedly in an inebriated state got into a tiff with policemen deployed at a VIP gate of the Maidan.  The youths heckled the policemen and hit them with sticks when they tried to stop them from opening the iron gate.  Senior Delhi Police officials were taking stock of security arrangements and passing instructions to their staff. PTI