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Clean India Campaign: Are we really ready for it ?

India TV News Desk 30 Nov 2014, 18:51:04 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: On Gandhi Jayanti, Our Prime minister Narendra Modi launched Clean India Campaign or ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' with a view to make India a cleaner country.

About 31 lakh central government employees working across the country took a pledge of cleanliness in various public functions on this day as part of the Narendra Modi administration's ‘Clean India' campaign.  

The reason behind choosing Gandhi Jayanti  as the day to launch this campaign was aimed at reminding people that  Gandhiji himself always stressed on the need for  cleanliness not only from outside but from our inner soul as well.

At first, it appeared much like the ALS Ice  Bucket Challenge in which a person taking up the the challenge nominated others to take the challenge forward.

This Campaign appeared  good in intent   but seemed  to be restricted to the celebrities only who just do it for the sake of easy  publicity . The celebrities taking up this challenge post their pictures with a broom on social media in such a way that it gives an impression as if they have cleaned the whole locality.

If we talk about the general public, it seems that they are not  serious enough about the campaign.

Recently I had gone to The India Internaternational Trade Fare  and what I saw  forced me to think as to whether we are really serious about the campaign?  I would like to share those  pictures so that all of you get to know how seriously  a section of  common man is taking this campaign.

This is a picture of small fountain made inside the Rajasthan Pavelion for the general public but what we can clearly see is that people have thrown bottles and the packet of chips inside the fountain. Lookin at this picture can we say that we are serious towards making a cleaner India?