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Cong Levelling Baseless Charges Against CAG, Says BJP

PTI 11 Aug 2011, 18:24:17 IST

New Delhi, Aug 11: BJP today accused the government and Congress of making “baseless allegations” against constitutional institutions like CAG which are working to ensure accountability and transparency and asked the party to clarify its stand on the issue.

“The Congress party has levelled baseless allegations against Constitutional institutions.... The government is attacking the CAG as it is facing the brunt of the reports. Government has a problem with institutions working for transparency and accountability,” senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi told reporters here.

He insisted the powers of the CAG include holding press conferences to discuss the main features of his report and make them public.

“It is his (CAG's) duty. A Congress leader called CAG an accountant. He is somebody who has been a member of the PAC and so this has been said deliberately. Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said CAG peeps, leaks and squeaks. This is not acceptable,” Joshi said.

He alleged it was the government which was leaking CAG reports before they are tabled in Parliament. “CAG does not peep. It does not leak reports. They are leaked by you. What benefit will CAG get by leaking his report when it has to come to Parliament and has to be made public”? Joshi said.

BJP maintained that as the rights and duties of CAG were clearly stated in Article 149, 150 and 151 of the Constitution, there was “no dilemma, confusion or ambiguity” in this regard. PTI