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Couple finds worms in KFC Burger, after eating almost half of it

India TV News Desk 29 Oct 2015, 19:08:31 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Couple Prashant and Deekshita were going through their diet at a KFC outlet in the City Centre Mall in Mangalore, suddenly Deekshita found something odd in her burger and what she found was the wriggling worms inside the burger.

Deekshita was horror-struck after she came to know that she ate half of the burger.

After the incident Deekshita's partner Prashant immediately complained to outlet's manager who took it casually saying, worms could have come in the vegetables.

According to a Times of India report, staff of KFC did not allow couple to take pictures in their outlet.

After  the incident came in to the notice of the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, UT Khader, he  told  the department to issue a notice to the multinational food joint.

''It was the duty of outlet to ensure the better quality of food which they are serving to their customers. We cannot tolerate such lapses by anyone, including an MNC', Khader told TOI.

On the other hand KFC spokesperson claimed that ''KFC as a responsible brand are serving their customer with utmost quality products by following their international standard set by the KFC by all our restaurants. We also run regular checks of our staffs as well as their work in all the outlets''.