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Curfew to be relaxed in Saharanpur for 8 hrs today

PTI 01 Aug 2014, 8:59:30 AM IST
Saharanpur: Curfew will be relaxed in the violence-hit district for eight hours tomorrow.  The curfew will be relaxed from 10 AM to 6 PM, District Magistrate Sandhya Tiwari said.  

All government offices will be function from 10 AM to 5 PM, Tiwari said.

She said only one youth will be allowed to travel on a motorcycle. Two youths in the age group of 22-24 years will not be allowed to ride a motorcycle, she said.  

Tiwari said till now 87 FIRs have been registered in connection with the riots and 104 people have been arrested.  

According to reports till now, 193 shops were burnt during the violence.

The Revenue Department is calculating the loss suffered by the shop owners, she said.

She said the Divisional Commissioner of Meerut has been given the charge of administrative investigation of the riots.  

SSP Rajesh Kumar Pandey, meanwhile, said the chemicals seized from the spot of violence include petrol, kerosene and chemicals used for woodwork.

All these have been sent to a laboratory in Agra for test, he said.