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Death toll in Malin village landslide rises to 153

India TV News Desk 07 August 2014, 11:27
India TV News Desk
Pune: The death toll in Maharashtra's worst-ever landslide in Pune district's Malin village climbed to 153 with the majority of the victims being women.

Of the 176 houses in the village, 47 were destroyed in the mudslide which was triggered by heavy rains, an official said.

The Sate Cabinet also approved a compensation of Rs 5 lakh each to the families of the victims.

Chief Minister Prithivraj Chavan said that village would be rehabilitated by the government and families whose houses were destroyed completely will be given all essential items as well.

If there are no survivors in a family, the compensation amount of Rs 5 lakh would be spent on rehabilitation of the village, Chavan said.

He further said that a special officer of the rank of additional district collector will be appointed to monitor and implement the rehabilitation package.

Those injured in the tragedy would be given Rs 2 lakh each for medical treatment.

Chavan also said that the tribal welfare department would help mobile companies to erect mobile towers in remote and tribal villages.

A survey would be conducted in villages where Malin like disasters could happen and such villages would be relocated.