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Delhi Airport Check Goes For A Six: Passenger Lights Cigarette Inside Plane

PTI 20 Jan 2010, 19:25:01 IST

A Bangkok-bound Air India flight from Delhi was delayed by about three hours on Wednesday after a passenger boarded the plane carrying a match-box and all passengers had to undergo the security check once again.

"The incident happened around 2 pm, when Air India flight IC 853 with 117 passengers and six crew members was ready to fly. A lady passenger spotted a co-passenger possessing a match-box and lighting a cigarette," an airline official said.

She informed the cabin crew, who in turn alerted the pilot. The pilot, following the safety procedure, asked all the passengers to undergo security check once again, he said.

 The plane, which was scheduled to depart at 2 pm was finally cleared for take-off at around 4.50 pm after all the passengers again went through a rigorous security check.

 A CISF spokesperson denied that the passenger was carrying match-sticks and there was any security breach.

 "A match-stick was lying on the aisle of the aircraft near the seat of a passenger and a lady spotted it. She made a hue and cry and as a result the pilot had to ask for a second round of security check," he said. PTI