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Delhi Lokayukta objects to en-masse issuance of PRCs to illegal colonies

PTI 29 Aug 2012, 18:31:16 IST
New Delhi, Aug 29: Delhi Lokayukta has said en-masse issuance of provisional regularisation certificates without verification of existence of colonies and layout plans was an “ill-advised” procedure which has the potential to breed corruption.

In a communication sent to Lt Governor Tejinder Khanna, Manmohan Sarin said the Delhi Urban Development Minister and the Department of Urban Development be issued an advisory.  

“...that en-masse issuance of PRCs without verification of existence of colonies, scrutiny of layouts and habitats of non-affluent sections, was ill-advised having the potential to breed corruption, malpractices and speculation in real estate,” he said in the order.

It said the government should not have resorted to without verification of the eligibility conditions under the regulations.

The advisory was part of the interim order with regard to nature of scrutiny required of the applications before the grant of PRCs.

The complainants alleged fraud and illegal actions on the part of the government on issuance of PRCs for colonies.