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Delhi Police to get Rs 40 crore under women safety programme

PTI August 10, 2014 13:35 IST
New Delhi: Delhi Police will get Rs 40 crore to implement the United Nations Women Safe City project to put in place enhanced security apparatus for women in the national capital.

The amount, approved by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology with the assistance of World Bank, will be spent mainly to procure electronic gadgets to prevent crime against women and detect those involved in such crime.

CCTV cameras, surveillance equipment, high-speed vehicles with emergency gadgets will be purchased with the sanctioned funds.

"An amount of Rs 14.745 crore has already been granted to the Delhi Police as part of the first phase of the project," a Home Ministry official said.

Interestingly, the fact-sheet on US-Japan Global and Regional Cooperation, released on April 25, 2014, makes a reference to the two countries' support to the UN Women Safe Cities Programme in Delhi, which is part of UN Women Safe City Free of Violence Against Women Global Programme.

The announcement was made during the last visit of US President Barack Obama to Tokyo.

The UN Entity for Gender Quality and Empowerment of Women has also approached the Delhi government for signing of an aspirational generalised Memorandum of Understanding for safe city programme for future collaboration.

"The overall objective of this programme is to strive to eliminate violence against women and girls," the Home Ministry official said.

Crime against women in Delhi got renewed global attention after the December 16, 2012 gang rape of young women that evoked strong outrage across the world.