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Read Delhi power cut jokes, angry rebukes flooding social media

India TV News Desk 12 Jun 2014, 16:04:58 IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Netizens have gone to town on Twitter to vent their anger over frequent power cuts in Delhi, and have begun targeting Modi Sarkar.

As large parts of the national capital continue to reel under power cuts extending to 5-6 hours in 45-46 deg C sweltering heat, the Twitterati have started making fun of BJP's poll slogan Acchey Din Aane Wale Hain.

Sample a few :

Shuvankar Mukherjee (‏@shuvankr): This is called chawki-dari using technology .. No electricity means no sleep. Electrical "Jaagte Raho" #AcheDinBijliBin

Aarti (‏@aartic02): Bjp; Public didn't give u mandate to Blame Congress for Every Crisis .. #AcheDinBijliBin

@KhariBiskut:  Some hooligans have tapped power from street light in my road Called 100 and police say this is ‘normal practice' #powercutindia

Ah sataN! : super bakwas weekend. Power cut since last night except for 2 hours in morning. “Delhi's poshest area indeed”  WORSE than Gurgaon!

Narender Modi (‏@NarenderModi4u): Dear Delhiites, You elected people like Lekhi & Manoj Tiwari. Now dont cry. Suffer for 5 Years. Enjoy Ache Din. #AcheDinBijliBin

PARAS (‏@IStandWithAAP): Dont blame BJP/ModiJi. They have told you that they will bring 'Ram-Rajya'. And there wasn't Bijli in Ram-Rajya. #AcheDinBijliBin

Here are a few jokes on power cuts:

If power supply fails in Japan, people check fuse.

If power supply fails in US, people check power office.

If power supply fails in India,  people check neighbour's house… sab ki gai hai na? to theek hai!


(from late Jaspal Bhatti's power cut jokes)

Why does the govt gives us power in spite of power shortage?

To look for matchsticks and candles in the dark.


What does a handfan tells a  a ceiling fan during power cut?

Garmi tan Nahi Lag Rahi Vaddey Bhai?

What does a light bulb say to another in the dark?

Veereyy!! Hanere ch darr ta nahi lag reha?


What is the most insulting thing for a bulb in the dark?

Candles asking a bulb: why don't you join us for a candlelight dinner?


Who is the mightiest of them all, Superman, Spiderman, Batman?

It is the lineman of the Electricity department.