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Permits of 2500 buses and mini-buses cancelled in Delhi

PTI 20 August 2014, 20:28
New Delhi: Delhi government has cancelled the permits of around 2500 buses and mini-buses after their operators' addresses were found to be incorrect. After the gang rape on December 16, 2012, Home Ministry had directed the verification of owners/permit holders of all the public service vehicles by the Delhi Traffic Police.

According to transport department, after getting directions from home ministry, it had sent a list of permit holders of buses/mini buses to police for verification of address.

“Delhi Police had sent back the list of cases which were not recommended due to lack of authenticity of their addresses. A public notice containing the complete list of these buses and mini buses was again issued in the newspapers for furnishing their correct addresses. Hence, sufficient opportunity has already been given to the permit holders of these vehicles,” government said in a statement.  

It also said that only 204 operators of buses/ mini buses applied to the Registering Authority for change of their addresses.

“Transport Department has now cancelled the permits of about 2500 buses / mini those buses of operators whose addresses were found to be incorrect. Particulars of these buses / mini buses such as registration numbers, permit numbers., name and father's name, have been posted on the website of the Department.” it added.