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Delhi University's B.Com fifth semester paper an exact copy of earlier test

India TV News Desk 28 Nov 2014, 13:52:36 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: The question paper of the financial management for the fifth semester B.Com student at the Delhi University was exactly the same which was given to varsity's School of Open Learning (SOL) students to solve during their annual exam in May-June this year.

The sequences of questions were also exactly the same which appeared in the earlier paper.

It is still unclear that how the goofup happened but when JP Sharma, head of University's commerce department, was contacted, he said that question papers were set by a board of three teachers and names are not available with him immediately.

Thursday's fifth semester B.Com (Hons) paper of financial management also carried a ‘unique paper code' - 241502. Students said that the test paper was directly lifted ‘as it is' from a question bank.

The incident, however, has nothing to do with the question bank as it was copied straight from the SOL annual exam paper.

Convener of examinations at the commerce department, Kavita Sharma, said that a board of three teachers is constituted for every paper depending upon the seniority lists sent by different colleges affiliated to the University.

The entire process, according to Sharma, of setting a question paper is completely within the ambit of the three-member panel. Once the paper is set, a special convenor is asked to moderate it by checking grammatical errors, repetition of questions etc.

Later, the same is forwarded to the university's examination branch which decides on the final printing of question papers.

The incident has indeed raised several questions on the credibility of the Delhi University's examination system.