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DU to hold University Court elections on August 22

PTI 19 Aug 2014, 17:24:42 PM IST
New Delhi: Elections will be held for the Delhi University Court, the highest statutory body of the university, on August 22.

“Polls will be held to elect the treasurer, a member of the finance committee, four members of the Executive Council, six positions from Industry and Commerce and seven other positions meant to be filled from among professors of law, medicine, engineering and technology, and auditing and accountancy,” Registrar Alka Sharma said in an official notification.

The elections will be conducted at 2 PM on August 22 at the New Convention Hall, Vice Regal Lodge in North Campus.

While two candidates have been validly nominated for the member of finance committee, three candidates for the honorary post of treasurer, five candidates for election to the Executive Council, candidature of nine persons was found valid for positions to be filled from Industry and Commerce.

The treasurer and members from Industry and Commerce sector are elected for a tenure of five years and the Executive Council and Finance committee members for three years.

The Court is the supreme authority of the University which has the power to review the Acts and resolutions of the varsity's Executive (EC) and Academic Council (AC) which look into important matters including the decisions pertaining to extent of autonomy of its colleges, institution of scholarships, withdrawal of privileges, disciplinary matters among others.

The Finance Committee exercises general supervision over the funds of the University and advises it on matters pertaining to the financial policy.