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Digvijay Doubts Wikileak That Modi Was To Be Targeted By LeT

PTI 11 Dec 2010, 22:57:53 IST
New Delhi, Dec 11 (PTI) Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh today expressed doubts over WikiLeaks claim that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was to be targetedby terror group Lashkar e Taiba and alleged the document could have been tampered with by "capable people" in BJP.

The Congress general secretary said he feels that "capable people" in BJP could have tampered with the
WikiLeaks document.

"WikiLeaks open to tampering and I must say that the people in BJP are quite capable of tampering with the documentlike the Pakistani media did," he told reporters here.

"The Pakistani media doctored the WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks cable said there were concern about Narendra Modi thatNarendra Modi's life was threatened by Lashkar e Taiba. Thank God! My name is not mentioned," he added. PTI