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Dikshit Faces Attack In House On CAG Report, Power Tariff Hike

PTI 31 Aug 2011, 7:47:44 IST

New Delhi, Aug 31 : Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday faced a two pronged attack—from Opposition BJP on her indictment by CAG for CWG irregularities as well as a section of Congress for 22 per cent hike in power tariff.

The BJP, which has been demanding her resignation since tabling of the CAG report on Commonwealth Games in Parliament, came down heavily on her in Delhi Assembly, alleging “massive corruption” in certain Games projects.

“The Chief Minister should have already resigned following the reports by Shunglu Committee as well as the CAG,” Leader of the Opposition V K Malhotra said.

The BJP MLAs were evicted from the House after they trouped into the well of the House and resorted to sloganeering demanding a discussion on the CAG report. Later, speaking to reporters, Malhotra charged Dikshit of “direct involvement” in various irregularities in Games-related projects.

Later, a combative Dikshit made a statement in the House, severely criticising the BJP MLAs for their conduct and accusing them of spreading “half truths” while claiming that the CAG never indicted her in its report.  Dikshit also came under attack from three Congress MLAs during a discussion under Calling Attention Motion on hike in power tariff.

The Congress MLAs—Mukesh Sharma, Subhash Chopra and Niraj Bisoya—strongly criticising the decision to hike tariff, sought to know from Dikshit why government has allowed the DERC to increase the rates when common man is reeling under high prices of essential commodities.

“The Chief Minister few years back had assured the House that any decision regarding power tariff has to be endorsed by the Assembly. What happened to the assurance,” Sharma asked, wondering why the DERC, which had planned to cut tariff by 20 per cent last year, now decided to increase it by 22 per cent. PTI