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Don't Weaken Institutions And Democracy: Anand Sharma

PTI 19 Aug 2011, 22:14:33 IST

New Delhi, Aug 19: Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma today said that nothing should be done to “weaken” the institutions and “undermine democracy” as it would hurt India's present and long-term interest.

Asked whether Anna Hazare's campaign would hurt India's global investment image he said: “I would like to appeal to all...it is our country and we have built it very painstakingly. If we weaken institutions and undermine democracy that would hurt India's present and long-term interest.”

Hazare, who began his fast on August 16, has been demanding acceptance by the government of the Jan Lokpal Bill that would bring within its ambit the Prime Minister, higher judiciary and the conduct of MPs within Parliament besides other provisions.

Sharma said that India is a functional and constitutional democracy and a rule-based governed society.

“...in a democracy the government is always receptive and responsive which we have been...but one should not give an impression or believe in this that we are a country where acts of commission and omission are condoned,” he told reporters here.

“We must have faith in ourselves. This is a concern where a common man comes faces with the administration in a village and tehsil. It is not that there are no laws in the country,” he said.

“This country has very strong institutions and constitution which was given by the framers of the constitution who are not only the leaders of India's national movement but are founders of Indian democracy,” Sharma added. PTI