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Farooq Abdullah Wants To See 'Allah In Modi's Eyes'

PTI 25 Aug 2011, 22:49:26 IST

Ahmedabad, Aug 25: Praising the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for state's performance in the renewable energy sector, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah today said he wished for the day when he would see Allah in Modi's eyes.

He was speaking at a function to launch Indian Fund for Sustainable Energy (INFUSE) at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), where Modi too was present.

Abdullah also said that UPA and BJP would have to work together.

“God is not in the temple - he is inside you,” Abdullah said while addressing the gathering. “The day you recognise your God, you will not differentiate between my Khuda and your Bhagwan.”

“I would like to tell you that Ram is not Hindu's Ram.  Ram is ‘Vishwa Ka Ram' (Ram belongs to the universe). And if he is Vishwa Ka Ram, he is Modi's Ram also and Farooq's Ram also,” the minister said. “Allah is of all, he is my Khuda as well as Modi's Khuda.”

“I want to see the day in my life when I (would) look in Modi's eyes (and) I would be able to see my Allah, and when Modi looks in my eyes, he will see his Bhagwan,” Abdullah said.

Addressing the youth, he said as long as “the religion” existed in India, nobody would be able to defeat the country, and it would rise to new heights, and take the world along.

Abdullah further said if one got detached from this kind of religion, and moved towards a particular religion, it would spell the end of the nation and the world.

Praising Modi government for commendable work in the renewable energy sector, he said, “Modi runs a government of the BJP, I belong to the UPA. But let me tell him and all of you that if India has to advance, we have to work together.”

The state had done wonders under the leadership of Modi, he added.

“Both Gujarat and Rajasthan have good potential for harnessing alternate energy. But Gujarat has taken the lead in the solar energy sector and left behind number of other states,” the Union Minister said.

Modi, on his part, thanked Abdullah for praising the state; he did not, however, make any comments on what the Union Minister had said on the religion. PTI