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First 'Independent India' born PM Narendra Modi to unfurl tricolor at Red Fort

India TV News Desk 14 Aug 2014, 13:49:49 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: With this tweet - ‘India has won! Achche din aaney waley hain' – India's most powerful politician Narendra Damodardas Modi, 63, stormed into power in May this year. Modi, who took over as the 15th Prime Minister of India on May 26, is all set to unfurl the tricolour at Red Fort on the occasion of India's 68th Independence Day, making him the first Prime Minister to do so who was born in ‘Independent India'.

The rise of Modi is phenomenal. A master strategist, Modi has come a long way from selling tea at railway station for his father to emerge as a pan India leader.

"I believe God has chosen me," Modi had said after winning the election.

Modi, who was the CM of Gujarat for 12 years, consciously crafted an image of a man with an alternative vision of governance for a country caught in a policy paralysis in the last few years.

With his development as his campaign plank in the Lok Sabha polls, he made an instant connect with young voters, middle class and those in rural areas yearning for a change.

The RSS pracharak, who was loaned to the BJP in 1985, remained a backroom party office-bearer and key strategist till he was made Chief Minister of Gujarat to replace Keshubhai Patel in October 2001.