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For Drunken Driving, Delhi Court Asks Man To Serve At Gurudwara

PTI 07 Aug 2011, 13:19:23 IST

New Delhi, Aug 7  : A man, sentenced to 10 days in jail for drunken driving, has been let off by a Delhi court which ordered him to offer community service at a gurudwara once a week for two months, noting that imprisonment will put an “indelible blot” on his career.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat ordered 29-year-old Surjeet Singh to perform the community service at Gurudwara Singh Sabha at Khayala in West Delhi for 10 hours every Sunday for two months, after upholding his conviction by a magisterial court but altering his punishment, saying that sentences are aimed at reforming a person.

Jailing often turns a first-time offender into a hardcore criminal, the court observed while setting aside the prison term awarded to the driver, father of two minor children.

“The purpose of sentence is and should be to reform a criminal so as to convert him into a law-abiding citizen. It is seen that the sentence of imprisonment, sometimes hardens the first-time offender and instead of reforming him, makes him a hardened criminal,” the court said. Singh was found driving his car in an inebriated state and with alcohol content in his blood hovering at 313mg/100 ml, over 100 times above the maximum permissible limit of 30mg/100 ml.  PTI