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France, Indian Air Force chiefs to take part in 'Garuda-5'

PTI 09 Jun 2014, 11:31:49 AM IST
Jodhpur: French Air Chief General Denis Mercier with his country's Ambassador Francois Richier and French defence attach  Group Captain Benedict Smith along with Indian Air Force Chief Arup Raha will arrive in Jodhpur on Monday to participate in the ongoing fifth Indo-French air exercise 'Garuda-5'.

The main attraction of the day will be that both the air chiefs will be flying the front liner fighter aircraft of each other's country.

"The objectives of the exercise are to exchange know-how of French and Indian pilots and to enhance inter-operability and cooperation between French and Indian air forces, including in the field of air refuelling.

"The aircrews are conducting daily combat training missions against or alongside each other, in a range of tactical scenarios offering increasingly complex and realistic training situations," said Defence spokesman Col SD Goswami.