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Get Well Soon: Iqra Tells Anna

PTI 28 Aug 2011, 17:47:22 IST

New Delhi, August 28:   Iqra, who along with five-year-old Simran, helped social activist Anna Hazare break his 12-day long fast, says she wants the 74-year-old leader to get well soon.

”I liked meeting him. Now I am praying for his health and want him to get well soon and continue with his campaign,” Irqa told reporters after she and Simran offered Hazare coconut water and honey with which he broke his 12-day fast Sunday.

A resident of Turkman Gate in Delhi, Iqra promised to uphold Hazare's principles when she grew and said, “I want to be like Kiran Bedi,” referring to the former Indian Police Service officer now a co-campaigner for Hazare's more inclusive Jan Lokpal bill.

She said Anna thanked and asked her to work for the country when she grows up.

Hazare has been shifted to the Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon, where he will remain under observation for a few days.