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This girl walks down on Mumbai streets for 10 hours and what these men did will leave you shocked!

India TV News Desk November 10, 2014 23:53 IST
India TV News Desk

“India is unsafe for women”

This phrase has literally taken our minds with toll of sexual harassment, molestation and rape cases becoming a regular affair.

Those staring eyes, those vulgar comments, that bad touch made us believe that being a women, it's not less than a crime to wander in our own city streets.

Because of such incidents, every girl like you and me, tends to doubt the intention of every man present on earth.

But is the situation that bad? Have men really turned dogs?

Indie Tube Productions did a reality check by going on ground zero and shooting a video.

A girl, wearing a top and a short skirt, walks down the streets of Mumbai for 10 hours covering almost all the densely populated areas, and what happens with her is a refreshing change.

I didn't expect guys to behave this way…

However, this single video can't really paint the picture of the whole country but it certainly tells us ‘things are not that bad' as we assume.

This video came after a woman in U.S walked around the city amid people who walked around her passing of lewd comments.

Watch the video...