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Gujarat RSS workers to raise fund for earthquake-hit Nepal

PTI 29 Apr 2015, 16:55:17 PM IST

Ahmedabad: Over 16,000 RSS workers from Gujarat will raise funds for quake-torn Nepal victims and help in the relief and rehabilitation works.

Gujarat Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh media in-charge Pradeep Jain told reporters here today that the massive fund collection drive will be held on May 1 across the state.  “ Gujarat has experienced the same pain in the past. We know our people would definitely understand the grief of earthquake victims in Nepal .

On May 1, around 16,000 workers will raise funds at major public places across the state, so as to enable more and more people to make their contribution towards the cause,” he said.

So far, RSS has sent a team of 50 doctors in Nepal .  In addition, around 10,000 rugs, 10,000 tent covers and dry snacks for relief, Jain added.

“As of now, we have not sent any of our Gujarat worker there, as we are coordinating with Nepal-based Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), which is backed by RSS, for relief and rescue work. One of our senior leader is already there to supervise the work. We might take a call later to send workers (to Nepal ) as per need,” said Jain.

The central leadership of RSS is also working a long term strategy for the rehabilitation work in Nepal . “Looking at the devastation, we believe that relief and rescue work will continue for more than a month. Thus, RSS leadership will devise a long term strategy and decide on the number of volunteers and experts required to be sent there,” Jain added.