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Hamid Ansari releases book '21st Century South Asia' in New Delhi

India TV News Desk 06 Aug 2014, 7:13:07 AM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Vice President Hamid Ansari released a book entitled ‘21st Century South Asia' written by Professor Sanghmitra Sarkar at a function organized in national capital on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice President said that South Asia is a geographical and economical unit and their problems should be addressed in South Asian context.

“Areas of cooperation need to be explored and no matter can be discussed in isolation,” Hamid Ansari said.

He has said that he is very glad that such a volume has been published. He has congratulated the editor and all contributors of the volume for highlighting various issues related to South Asia.

The book examines the issues related to security and its perceived threats to the South Asian region in the 21st century.

The objectives of the book are: a diagnostic study on security perspectives; analysis of the policy situation on security; and searching broad roadmap on security.