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Hazare, Kejriwal Lead Bike Rally For Jan Lokpal Bill

PTI 10 Aug 2011, 13:38:33 IST

Mumbai, Aug 9: Social activist Anna Hazare today began his protest against the government for putting forth a “weak Lokpal bill” before Parliament, with a bike rally from Dadar to Azad Maidan in south Mumbai.  

Hazare and social activist Arvind Kejriwal rode in an open jeep from the Swaminarayan temple in Dadar (East), leading the rally.

There were over a 100 bikers, some from adjoining Thane, in the rally, India Against Corruption volunteer Praful Vora told PTI. Participants of the rally sang patriotic songs when it reached Azad Maidan, Vora said.

Hazare is holding a public meeting at Azad Maidan this evening. A “mashaal rally” is also scheduled from Azad Maidan to August Kranti Maidan.

At the maidan, Hazare will lead those gathered in an oath-taking ceremony to fight corruption. India Against Corruption has set up a call centre in Mumbai six days ago to provide information on Hazare's campaign and it has received over 1,000 calls, Vora said.

Hazare has rejected the draft bill that was placed before Parliament last week, calling it inadequate.

He has decided to go on an indefinite fast from August 16 against the draft Lokpal Bill, saying it keeps the office of the Prime Minister, higher judiciary and conduct of MPs inside Parliament outside the purview of the ombudsman. PTI