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High Court Dismisses Kasab's Juvenile Plea

PTI 14 Dec 2010, 16:03:55 IST
Mumbai, Dec 14 :  In a jolt to Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab, the Bombay High Court today dismissed his plea to order an enquiry to determine whether he was a juvenile even as prosecution sought confirmation of death penalty awarded to him in the 26/11 terror attacks.  In another development, the High Court asked the prosecution to file its reply tomorrow to another petition filed by Kasab seeking constitution of medical board to study his psychological profile and mental frame of mind.

 A bench headed by Justice Ranjana Desai and Justice V M More held that the trial court, after holding an enquiry into Kasab's age, had come to the conclusion that he was a major.

The judges said since the issue had already been decided by the trial court, Kasab's plea for a fresh enquiry into his age could not be considered now.

Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam argued that the trial had conducted a probe into Kasab's age by making him undergo
ossification test. After considering the opinion of doctors and evidence, the court had held that Kasab was not a juvenile and that he was above 20.

 The judges felt that such a plea at the fag end of the case in the High Court appears to be a move to postpone the hearing of confirmation of Kasab's death sentence. Kasab's lawyers Amin Solkar and Farhana Shah have also requested the court to appoint an NGO working in India and Pakistan to evaluate his family background and circumstances which made him participate in the 26/11 terror attacks for which he was sentenced to death. This issue would be decided tomorrow. PTI