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68-year-old housewife from Bihar skydives in the US

India TV News Desk 09 Aug 2012, 22:21:26 IST
India TV News Desk
Patna, Aug 9: Kavita Verma, a housewife and freelance writer from the state capital, recently became the first Bihari woman to skydive at the age of 68. 

She achieved the feat near Ellington airport, Connecticut, US. Earlier, she had never attempted any such act in her life. She cannot even swim.

On a visit to US last month, her youngest son, who is a doctor there, took her to an airport, a skydiving centre, and asked her to do skydiving just in fun along with him and other professional divers.  

Kavita's husband N P Verma, a former principal of Patna College, was also there who discouraged her from doing it because of age and the risk factor involved.

Interestingly, her husband was asked to sign a declaration that he would be the person to collect her body in case of any mishap.  

But this did not deter her; she went ahead and boarded the aeroplane for skydiving.  

She was not aware that in April, a man who was skydiving at the same spot fractured his leg after a parachute-related error sent him falling to the ground.

On her next US trip, she intends to have an undersea encounter with sharks.