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How Bangladesh outpaces India on Human-Development Indicators

PTI 07 Jun 2015, 10:21:59 IST

New Delhi: Bangladesh, which has much smaller economy than India, is ahead of its neighbouring country in social developments such as life expectancy, child survival and the proportion of girls to boys in secondary education.

India's GDP is much more than Bangladesh's and the size of the economy is much bigger but the former lies better than latter in social development index.

Here are a few of the measurements where Bangladesh stands better than India:

Child mortality rate in Bangladesh was 144 deaths per 1,000 under-fives in 1990 but the nation succeeded in bringing it down to 41 in 2013.

However, India, in the same period, could only bring it down to 53 per 1,000 from 126 deaths per 1,000 in 1990 for children aged under five.

India ranks 13 places below Bangladesh in child mortality globally.

Also in terms of life expectancy, Bangladesh performs better than India.

As per the United Nations' data, the life expectancy in Bangladesh was 71 in 2013 more than India's 66, while it was same for both the countries in 1980.

Employment to population ratio in Bangladesh is much higher than India. For the labour force, older than 15 years, it is 68% in Bangladesh as compared to India's 52% (International Labour Organisation estimate).

Even in terms of female employment, Bangladesh performs better than India. Around 36% of women were in paid jobs in Bangladesh in 2010, up from just 14% in 1990, according to the International Labor Organization.

Whereas in India, female employment has gone backwards from 37% in 2004-05 to 29% in 2009.

Female literacy rate in Bangladesh is 88%, higher than India's 68%. However, overall adult literacy rate is lower in Bangladesh (59%) than in India (63%).

All data has been provided by World Bank, http://data.worldbank.org/indicator