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I Am Example Of Rishtedari Politics: Rahul

PTI 19 Jan 2010, 10:58:43 IST

Admitting that he was in politics because of ‘rishtedari' (nepotism) was how AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi chose to kick off his two-day visit of BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh on Monday. 

The students of Jabalpur's St Aloysius College burst into peals of laughter when the young leader qualified his assertion that ‘rishtedari' was one of the ways of getting into politics with  

“I am an example of that.' Gandhi said one way of entering politics was by taking up people's issues and working for them. “People taking that route are in a minority,” he said.

Gandhi met students in Gwalior, Jabalpur, Sagar and Bhopal as part of his efforts to broaden the party's base among youth. Party office bearers ensured that local politicians were kept away to ensure his direct interaction with students.

“Do I look corrupt or a politician with no values,” he asked the Jabalpur students when they suggested that politics was bereft of morals.