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If you have information on black money, share it with SIT: Justice Pasayat

PTI 02 November 2014, 12:50

New Delhi: Anyone who has specific and definite information on black money can share it with Supreme Court-appointed SIT going into the issue that can crack down on those stashing money abroad and at home.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT), headed by former Supreme Court judge Justice MB Shah, will open a channel of communication shortly through which the public can use to share "definite" information and vital inputs about black money including foreign bank accounts.

The SIT, which also has former Apex Court judge Justice Arijit Pasayat as Vice-Chairman, has said such a step was aimed at detecting and prosecuting all direct or indirect instances of illegal generation of funds and evasion of government taxes.

"We will be issuing a public advertisement in this regard very soon...may be within a week's time. Members of the public can write to the SIT through the Internet and send to it to the official email id which will be publicised or send it by post to the secretariat of the panel," Justice Pasayat said.

He, however, said that any information sent to the SIT should be "definite and specific" about the reported black money instance.

"The public can share with us the name, address, bank details or any other such vital information which can be verified and acted upon. Once we receive it, the agencies on the panel, according to the requirements of the respective case, will be asked to look into it," he said.

Justice Pasayat said the exercise is meant to bring the public closer to the SIT which has the mandate to deal with the problem of unaccounted money and to initiate legal action against the offenders, both in India and abroad.