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In Gujarat, follow traffic rules, get 1 ltr free petrol from cops

PTI 14 Nov 2014, 15:09:10 PM IST

Ahmedabad: In a unique initiative to encourage citizens, the police gave an incentive of one-litre free petrol today to those following all traffic rules in Ramol area in the city.

“More than 58 people, who were found obeying traffic rules here today got incentives of one-litre of free petrol from police in Ramol area in the city,” police inspector P I Solanki said.

“The police checked vehicles for drivers and those who have all necessary documents like licence and RC book as well as those wearing helmet and seat belts, who were rewarded by us,” Solanki said.

“The police has stared this initiative to encourage citizens in following traffic rules and we got a good response from the people as well,” Solanki said.

“We will continue this traffic awareness drive for at least three days from 8 am to 8 pm,” he said.

According to Solanki, he conceived the idea and got it implemented to make people aware about traffic rules and to display a modest image of the city police.

“I had consulted two petrol pump owners and made them understand about this drive. Ultimately, they accepted it,” Solanki said.

Yesterday Rakhial police station in the city had launched a unique drive by gifting discount coupons of local eateries to those who follow traffic rules.